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My name is Brian-Rey Ejar and I storyboard in Toronto, Canada.

My bread and butter is 2D, I've been boarding in the animation industry for 4 years, and I studied Radio and Television Arts (now called Media Production) at Ryerson University, but I taught myself how to storyboard through YouTube, and eventually with the help of many mentors. 

My fiance's name is Mimi and I love her very much. Hi Mimi! 

I'm also a former crown ward.


I'm currently employed by Mercury Filmworks on a show yet to be announced.

Previous Employment:
Guru Studios - Big Blue (CBC)
9Story/Brown Bag - Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum (PBS)
Industrial Brothers - Dot (Season 2/CBC)
Toonrush - Kuu Kuu Harajuku (Nickelodeon)

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